TimberWolf Systems, Inc. is a software development company that specializes in providing CAD (Computer Automated Design) tools for IC (integrated circuit) designers. InternetCAD (iTools) features a complete timing driven placement and routing tool applicable to row based and building block design styles. ITools handles any of the row-based design styles, namely, standard cell, gate arrays and sea-of-gates circuits. In addition, iTools is applicable to circuits containing building blocks or macro cells of any rectilinear shape.

iTools uses new industry leading algorithms for each of the three main steps:

  1. timing driven placement
  2. global routing
  3. detailed routing.

Furthermore, the cells may have a fixed geometry including pin locations (hard macro cells) or the cells may have an estimated area with a specified aspect-ratio-range, with pins that need to be placed (soft macro cells). ITools can also be applied to floorplanning problems and mixed macro/standard cell circuits.

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